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Chickadee call

Chickadee call

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Few backyard birds are as beloved as the Black-capped Chickadee. The boldly patterned chickadee is perky, trusting – and it seems to introduce itself by calling . Songs. In most of North America, the song is a simple, pure 2 or 3-note whistled fee-bee or hey, sweetie. In the Pacific Northwest, the song is 3 or 4 notes on the. Fee-bee, usually considered the song of this chickadee, is less complex than some of the caller prior to and following the call, general context, and behavior of.

), and Gargle calls (Baker and Gammon). Kroodsma et al. () has found that hand-reared Black-capped Chickadees learn to imitate whistled Carolina. Learning and normal social interaction are important for proper Song development. Song is a poor indicator of genetic identity of individual chickadees in hybrid. A buzzy chick-a-dee-dee-dee or a clear, whistled fee-bee, the second note lower and often doubled. In overlap zone with Carolina Chickadee song may not be.


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